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The Spring Lessons Initiative is an international forum for sociocultural events and artistic research.

It follows and presents current creative developments and cultural projects, explores new forms of civil self-organisation and creates spaces for dialogue and cultural education.


20.09.2012 | Berlin

3ankhs at Aufbau Haus, an artistic rescue mission, is exhibited at the Aufbau Haus.

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02.09.— 02.10.2012 | Berlin

Transmutations, a series of workshops on particaptory method with Egyptian Artists at TAK.
Supported by Goethe Institute Cairo and Theresia Zander Stiftung

03.07.—07.07.2012 | Cairo

Sara And Caram hold a workshop on the representation of Gender in Public Space at Darb1718 in Cairo.
Supported by the European Culture Foundation.

29.06.2012 | Berlin

Al-Bait, curated by Razia Mizrachi at TAK is a multinational exploration of the identity of the artist abroad.

05.05.2012 | Berlin

The M.A.D. project hold a lecture on cultural activism in Muslim-Majority countries at the TAK.

12.04.2012 | Berlin

Solitaire by Dalia Bassiouny is the first play performed in the framework of Spring Lessons at TAK.

23.03.2012 | Berlin

Musiksehen is the first official Spring Lessons event at TAK.

With AlFilm and eka3

27.02.2012 | Cairo

The Mahatat collective and Spring Lessons decide to explore urban space in Cairo

25.01.2011 | Berlin

From Here To Fame and Spring Lessons go Mad Graffiti Week Berlin, decide to work on future projects together.

22.12.2011 | Berlin

The TAK, represented by Moritz Pankok and Spring Lessons join forces, set a programme for the year.

17.12.2011 | Munich

first screening of Ahmed Zeidan's WHAT YOU MUST NOT HEAR documentation at integrier-Bar.

16.12.2011 | Cairo

eka3, represented by Tamer Abou Gazaleh, joins the Spring Lessons Initiative.

09.12.2011 | Berlin

OMRAS, the Organisation for Human Rights in Arab States, and Spring Lessons cooperate on the project Palästinah.

07.12.2011 | Berlin

#globaltahrir / Egyptians Abroad in Berlin, an online and film project is launched, based on footage by Kareem Kandiel

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