The Spring Lessons Initiative is an international forum for artistic research.

It follows and presents current creative developments and cultural projects,
explores new forms of civil self-organisation and creates spaces for dialogue
and cultural education.

Spring Lessons / دروس الربيع is an international initiative, network and platform for socio-cultural projects and artistic research focusing on the current developments in the MENA region.

Spring Lessons is an initiative born out of curiosity and the desire to learn from the global developments set in motion by the Arab Spring. As a cultural production company, it provides a platform for the presentation of artistic collaborations and socio-cultural research. As an intercultural project aiming at an intercultural audience Spring Lessons offers room for networking, discussion, education and exchange.

Spring Lessons has established numerous partnerships and explorations with people active in the cultural and arts field. We have also created adaptable and collaborative formats to promote the sharing of ideas. Seeing art as part of cultural activism and witnessing a shift in the use of public space have been defining lessons learned from these conversations.

Through traditional and innovative formats, we intend to work locally, while sharing lessons globally. These events will highlight the work of artists, activists and cultural initiatives while offering opportunities for collaboration and networking.

Spring Lessons events will typically be accompanied by workshops exploring topics in depth and creating socio-cultural meeting points. In addition, workshops aimed at youth from migrant and disadvantaged backgrounds will help build capacity and transfer knowledge between countries. Topics will include, amongst others, the translation from music to visuals and vice versa, the creation of street art and calligraphy, the claim on and the individual use of urban public space, general and specific gender issues.

Our focus lies on reflecting, documenting and continuing the ongoing global shift of cultural paradigms and discourse that events beginning in December 2010 have set in motion.

Our overall goal is to provide and initiate intercultural platforms and opportunities to share ideas, collaborate, exchange viewpoints and create. Through different approaches we aim to reflect on social, political, environmental and artistic topics, on transformation and interaction. Through our collaborations, we will document current conditions and work to improve them in the future through artistic and socio-cultural methods.

In the long term, we intend to complement the programme by a publication series (magazine or catalogue format) on public space, an ongoing work-in-progress-blog dedicated to current topics of discussion and artistic research as well as video documentation and a Spring Lessons Compendium. These will be produced with and by local teams in countries Spring Lessons is active in.

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