Alexandria Streets ProjectThe Alexandria Streets Project

The „Alexandria Streets Project“ is an audio art project for and about public places in Alexandria (Egypt). The city’s past, present and future are explored and connected acoustically in twenty short audio pieces (arabic/english). A unique sonic map of Alexandria will be created through interviews, found footage, personal archives and field recordings.

AlFilm FestivalALFILM Festival

ALFILM – Arab Film Festival Berlin – was initiated to provide a platform for Arabic filmmakers in Germany. A platform where stereotypes are confronted with authentic stories and images. Along with films from well known film-producing countries, ALFILM aims to discover emerging filmmakers and to access new narratives as well as interrelations and challenges. Moreover, ALFILM provides filmmakers, producers, experts, and distributors with forum for artistic exchange, which results in further cooperations and development of new projects.

AlFilm Festivaleka3

eka3 is the regional organization dedicated to quality Arabic music; music that grabs your attention, moves your senses, and provokes your thought. Whatever the genre may be, we seek the original, the rich, and the Arabic.


From Here to Fame From Here to Fame

Founded in 2008, From Here to Fame Publishing is the brain child of Akim Walta and Don Karl. We are situated in the Hip Hop Stützpunkt (Headquarters) in the Berlin neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg. In addition, the Stützpunkt hosts the Common Ground Gallery, which is one of our From Here To Fame Publishing side ventures.

Goethe Institute Cairo Goethe Institute Cairo



Make A Difference ProjectThe M.A.D. Project

M.A.D. – is about Making A Difference! With our first project we aim to bring a different outlook on muslim majority countries and foster an intercultural dialogue by sharing what we learn about art and cultures from artists and professionals that we meet.

Mahatat CollectiveThe Mahatat Collective

Mahatat is a multi-cultural mobile art initiative. It was founded in 2011 by four individuals from different national and professional backgrounds. Triggered by the post-revolutionary spirit in Egypt, the collective arose from the passion, conviction, dedication and vision of these individuals to encourage the mobility of art in public space.

Mayadin El Tahrir Mayadin El Tahrir

Mayadin al-Tahrir regards itself as a transnational civil society organization, consisting mostly of a network of artists, scientists, authors and intellectuals in Germany as well as in Egypt. The network came into being during the ‘Arab Spring’ in 2011 to support the promising change in Egypt.

Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg / TAK Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg



West-Östlicher DivanWest- Östlicher Divan

west-östlicher diwan, 2002 als deutsch-arabische Kulturorganisation in Berlin gegründet, unterstützt und fördert den Dialog zwischen Autoren und Intellektuellen, Übersetzern, Musikern und Performern aus Europa und der arabischen Welt, durch öffentliche Veranstaltungen, Konferenzen, Publikationen und Festivals. Parallel dazu unterhält der Verein ein Literaturhaus in Bagdad.

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