September 2012 — Transmutations


Change sings. It transforms the old into new. It draws in public space.

A platform for physical and intellectual change and exchange. Activists, Artists and youth are invited to the Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg to discover cultural similarities and explore them in depth in this month of workshops centered around collaborative processes. Three one-week workshops of Choral Singing,
Street Art and instrument building.

The workshops resulted in two performances and a mural at the Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg. The workhops were supported by the Goethe Institute, the Theresia- Zander Stiftung and the Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg.

Choral AlSha3b/The Peoples Choir
Choral Alsha3b / An Unimportant Story

“We start out loud”

03.09 — 09.09.2012 The Choir Project, led by Salam Yousry, is a platform that gives you the space to
be vocal about the little and large troubles of life. More than just a choir, it is
a week of improvisation, songwriting and turning the humdrum, or revolutionary into song.
The workshop was developped into the minimusical “An Unimportant Story”, personal stories from Germany, Iran and Egypt. which performed at the TAK (Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg) on  Septhember 9th.

Drawing Revelations
Drawing Revelations / The Four Seasons

17.09 — 23.09.2012

This workshop aims to increase the awareness of the participants of the space where they create their work. Throughout the workshop we will create work taking into consideration the empty space and its relationship to the elements we add to it. We will create works that seem organic to its surroundings and make make the surroundings part of the compositions we create.

The workshop resulted in the mural “The Four Seasons”, which can be seen in the Prinzenhof of the Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg. It was created by participants of various ages under the guidance of Bassem Yousri.

The Instruments of Life
Instruments of Life / Concerto per tavola é Oud

23.09 — 02.10.2012

Taking old materials as a starting point, paricipants will build their own, personal instrument and learn to play it!

This workshop was transposed into the “Concerto per tavola é Oud”, a piece for 20 hands, table, shakers and Oud. It was performed on October 2nd, under the direction of Ahmad Elsawy.

You can listen to it here


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