20.09.2012 — 25.01.2013: 3Ankhs im Aufbau Haus

3Ankhs im Aufbau Haus

The Ankhs were created in a workshop in Berlin in February 2012. The sculptural figures were shaped by Egyptian Artists such as Ibrahim Eslam, Hany Rashed, Aya Tarek, and Bassem Yousri. Until the commemoration day of the Egyptian Uprising in 2013, the pharaonic keys of life will send their signal as symbols of resistance in the Aufbau Haus.

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September 2012 — Transmutations


Change sings. It transforms the old into new. It draws in public space.

A platform for physical and intellectual change and exchange. Activists, Artists and youth are invited to the Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg to discover cultural similarities and explore them in depth in this month of workshops centered around collaborative processes. Three one-week workshops of Choral Singing,
Street Art and instrument building.

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