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Demystifying Prejudice

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Seasons of Media

Demystifying Prejudice returns, focusing on media, reception, perception, and above all, the freedom to express yourself in the public sphere, whether you are a journalist, blogger, or walking down the road with an opinion to share.

In the first instalment of a series of dialogues with media producers in Germany, we focus on the state of freedom of press in Egypt.

Judith Jäger and Christopher Resch edited the book Medienfreiheit Ägypten, describing and depicting the lived realities of journalists in a country that currently ranks 158 of 180 in Reporters sans frontières Reporters Without Borders Freedom index. With contributions from Sherif Abdel Samad, Khalid El Kaoutit, Andrea Backhaus, Amira Salah Ahmed, Ahmed El Hawary, Gihan Abou Zeid , Maher Mahmoud and Julia Gerlach (amongst many others), it offers a comprehensive overview of the state of reporting and a free press in the country. We will tease you with the essential question of "What is Freedom of Press?" here.

Medienfreiheit in Ägypten "Was ist Pressefreiheit?"Vimeo.

The complete edit of the interview (currently only in German) can be found here: (7 minutes out of 1:30h of interview).

Some other places to look:

Mindependence, produced by friends of the show in Greece, focuses on documenting independent media organisations and the conditions they operate under in Hungary, Turkey and Egypt. They're currently running a crowdfunding campaign, which you can find on their page.

In Germany, we suggest you look at, the first news outlet in the country accused of treason since 1962.

In Egypt, we would recommend Bashkatib, a project that aims to further journalistic education and a decentralisation of media in the country, even in difficult times.

In Turkey, Penguen provides a satirical, weekly overview of events in the country and beyond.

We will return with part 2 in September.

Meanwhile, check out the second half of this project- A little something we call (Y)Our Little Book of Fears!

The Research Journeys

Demystifying Prejudice sheds light on social, cultural and economic issues in EU and MENA countries in order to expand perspectives on socio-cultural topics and realities and foster journalistic talent.

The aim of this research journey within the programme is to explore different aspects of criminality and criminalisation in four different countries, allowing an insight into the varying contexts that create and perpetrate crime. In a series of video and audio interviews with those involved in setting the frameworks for criminal activity and those affected by those frameworks. In these four countries, questions of crime and criminality will be explored from the following points of focus:

EGYPT — Crimes of Conscience
The Egyptian uprising in 2011 created a new social consciousness, allowing for the unprecedented rise of activists and socially engaged citizens. The question we hope to answer in Egypt is how changes in the political landscape affect the perception of those activists who have been involved in the uprising since day one.
(April 18—23)

Greece — Crimes of Crisis
!Greece — Crimes of Crisis Greece has been suffering the effects of ongoing economic crisis since 2008. Coupled with an influx of migrants and refugees, the nature of the crimes and the criminalised is changing rapidly. We hope to ask questions into crimes of survival and necessity and the more philosophical nature of criminalisation of youth and adults.
(April 24—May 02)

Turkey — Crimes of Youth and Power
Turkey is a country that is currently finding its place and position somewhere between Ottoman splendour and European inclusion. How does this position affect the youth in the country, how do youth gangs organise, what are the hierarchies of crime in this country in slow transformation?
(May 03—11)

11.11.2013 — "No School For Children" teaser

Demystifying Prejudice Teaser on Vimeo.

14.10.2013 — Demystifying Prejudice Week One over

See the full album here

« To see with the eyes of another, to hear with the ears of another, to
feel with the heart of another. For the time being, this seems to me an
admissible definition of what we call social feeling. »
Alfred Adler, Austrian Psychologist

« Prejudice and partisanship obscure the critical faculty and preclude critical investigation. The results is that falsehoods are accepted and transmitted. »
Ibn Khaldun, al-Muqaddimah

Demystifying Prejudice sheds light on social, cultural and economic issues in EU and MENA countries in order to expand perspectives on socio-cultural topics and realities and foster journalistic talent. For the first episode taking place in 2013, we are focussing on Egypt and Germany.

Participants from these two countries will produce in mixed-nationality teams a total of four mono thematic episodes comparing realities in Egypt and Germany. The topics will be explored through the eye of the stranger and the local, offering a look through a fresh set of eyes for those familiar with the country and new, realistic insights for those who do not know it The first leg of the project takes place in a concentrated programme in the month of October 2013.


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