Cover for the housework: 10 tips + 5 templates for the perfect first impression

The cover page for the housework can be crucial for how a lecturer corrects your scientific work, because there is no second chance for the first impression. We help you with valuable tips and beautiful templates to avoid mistakes and differentiate you from other students.

Make cover page for the housework: The first impression counts

The cover page of your housework is the first that your proofreader looks at, and as you know, the first impression counts here as well. If a mistake is detected here already, your lecturer will begin to read your scientific work with a negative mood and could thus take a closer look at errors that he might otherwise have not rated so severely.

This is on your cover page for the housework

Some basic building blocks must always be present on your cover page. They may vary in order and style of design, but must always be included so that your instructor has all the important information about you that he needs. If you forget an indication, it could seem negligent, especially if the lecturer has to get that extra information from you again. Unnecessary effort for your proofreader should always be avoided. Therefore, we have collected everything that needs to be written on your cover sheet for you.

name of the college

Name of the faculty

Name of the department or institute

Name of the module

Name of the seminar (possibly with number)

Name of the lecturer with title

Title of the housework

Which semester (WiSe, SoSe) with year (s)

Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, matriculation number

Course of study and semester number

Discharge date and processing period

10 tips on the cover page for the housework

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In this chapter, you’ll learn everything you need to know about your home work cover and what you should not do. This will give a positive first impression and you will definitely get a better grade than with a bad cover sheet. Later, we have some templates for you to help you with, if you have no idea for a nice cover page.

Divide your cover page into three sections

There should always be all important information on the cover sheet, but there are often no rules regarding the order. Here you can follow the standard procedure of dividing the home work cover into three sections.

The upper third contains all the information about your university, your event and the semester in which you are writing. The middle part always includes the title of your Bachelor’s, Master’s or Homework assignments, and the bottom third is where you put your personal information, try to interest in write my essay now . You can either write the submission date for the semester or write it down to the cover page.

The cover sheet usually has no numbering

For in-house or bachelor theses, it is generally customary that the page numbering does not begin until the first page of the introductory text. A page number on the cover page for the housework is not only quite unnecessary, it steals you much needed space for all your other information.

The title is in focus

The title of your work should not only be highlighted by the typeface, it should also encourage reading. If your title is too long, try a short title and a subtitle in smaller font. The short title should address the reader, it may contain a question, a metaphor or a thesis. The longer title then clarifies more precisely what awaits the reader.

Think about an individual title that sets itself apart from other monotonous analyzes. He should be special, but not too special. Always be aware that you are moving within a scientific framework that has limited creativity. To emphasize your title, you should do all other information in smaller font sizes (for example, 12 pt.).

Control everything that is underlined in red

Writing programs repeatedly emphasize words that are spelled correctly but not in the system. This is especially often the case with proper names. Here you might tend to dismiss the red underline as you think the mistake is in the system. However, it often happens at just these places that misspellings are overlooked and, for example, you misspell the name of your university, your own name or your address. Do not make the mistake of leaving your red underlines that way.

The cover sheet for the housework should not be overloaded

If you are given free rein on formatting (font and size), you should be careful not to make the cover slip look too cluttered. It’s fine if you design your title in a different font and size than the rest of your data, but do not make the mistake of experimenting too much.

It’s best to use clear, bold fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. You can then highlight your title in bold or italic. A slightly squiggly font is only harmless if only the title has this font. All other information you should just keep. After all, your cover page should look like science, not a typographic experiment. That would take away your seriousness from your work and endanger a grading.

The cover page for the bachelor thesis looks a bit different

If you’ve already written a lot of chores during your studies, you almost know by heart the usual cover sheet that you always use. But do not make the mistake of simply taking the usual cover sheet for your bachelor thesis. It differs in that, for example, the explicit phrase “to obtain the academic degree, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)” or “Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)” stands on it. In total, there are nine different Bachelor degrees, of which you should absolutely write the right one on your cover page.

Give up colors on the cover page for the housework

The cover sheet should not be too restless. So if you do not have an art degree you should renounce any unscientific design techniques. A title in bright red is not only unpleasant for the eye, it also has something of a correction pen and awakens negative associations. The highest of the feelings are colors that resemble black, for example a very dark green or blue. If it does not fit your topic explicitly and you want to play it safe: leave everything black and play only a little bit (!) With italics and boldface.

Attention to the university logo

Some universities or technical colleges do not allow their logo to be put on the cover sheet for chores; others like to see it. Be sure to inform yourself in advance if your logo is allowed or not. If so, you can visually enhance your cover page with it, if not, you can risk having to repeat the work.

Also important to know is that if you put your university logo on your cover page, you should first do a test print. Often the logos from the internet or the university website are not high resolution enough and look blurry when you print them. So get yourself a high-resolution logo, test your print or leave the logo completely desperate.

This is how you format your cover page for the housework

Many students are uncertain about formatting the cover sheet. The rule of thumb is quite easy to remember: the cover sheet should always have the same formatting as the rest of your housework. The same margins, the same font (with a few exceptions) and also the regular information for the author and for the seminar should be set in the same font size as your running text. Do not risk typographic experiments, so you’re on the safe side.

Create a cover page for the housework at Word

It is also possible to create your cover page for the housework with Word. Depending on what type of chores you write and how easy the requirements are, you can use them as a template or simply let them inspire you. We have a short step by step guide so you know how to do it.

Open a Word document and go to the top of the “Insert” tab.

At the top left you can now see the category “cover page”. Now choose a desired variant.

Enter all your data and information.

You can now move, delete and change the color of all elements.

Under the “Insert” tab you can also insert images or other text fields.

If you would like to use your cover sheet several times, mark the entire page, click on “cover sheet” in the top left corner and select the option “Save selection in cover sheet catalog”.

For more tips on scientific work, look at how you can structure your work properly, correctly cite it and how you should design your bibliography.

Cover page for the housework: 5 templates

These templates are created by us and are for your guidance. You can also use them as a template, but you should be aware that many departments or universities have special cover page information. Sometimes just the basic framework has to be right and the details will give you a free hand. Some colleges do not allow their logo and others. Let yourself be inspired by our examples.

Example 1

This example uses the “Calibri” font for the title “Times New Roman” and the rest of the information. The title is centered, the rest left aligned. In this template the link to the e-mail address has been left. You should decide for yourself whether you want to remove this link (in the color blue) or not. In printed version, it is certainly more beautiful without blue coloring, but if you send your work online and the lecturer wants to contact you after the correction, it is more convenient if the link is set. You remove the link with a simple right click on your e-mail address and then click on “remove hyperlink”.

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