Open Call

WORKSHOP - Artivists for Change
15-24 October 2013, Thessaloniki Greece
Deadline for applications: August 21st, 2013
Applicants will be notified by August 25th, 2013

Artivists for Change is an initiative taken by individuals and organizations from four countries - Greece, Jordan, Germany and Cyprus- to bring forward new tools and new practices for dealing with social, environmental and political challenges in European and MENA region countries.

The project aims to highlight a basic question: How can we make public expression of opinion more creative, less violent and more effective?

The Workshops

The workshop will take place from 15-24 October 2013, in Thessaloniki Greece.

The workshop will focus on Activism and its relation to Creativity, Art, Design and Social Innovation. Participants will be asked to discuss their own practices and analyze their impact, and most important to plan, develop and implement a series of public interventions in Thessaloniki that raise awareness on the social, political, environmental and other issues.

For more details on the theme of the workshop, what is offered and on how and where to apply, please check the following:
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The public interventions of the workshop will be presented as a parallel program of the 3rd Thessaloniki Performance Festival of the 4th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, organized by the Greek State Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Artivists for Change Workshop is financially supported by the European Cultural Foundation

Artivists for Change is one of the projects supported by the Cultural Innovators Network (C.I.N.). C.I.N. is a joint project of more than 20 Goethe-Institutes around the Mediterranean, coordinated by the Goethe-Institut Alexandria. It is a platform for communication, exchange and learning provided for young active civil society members from Europe and the MENA region.

/ Participants
This open-call is for international creators, artists, social innovators, cultural activists that have prior experience and engagement in public performance and demonstration. In order to secure participants from different creative fields we have allocated four different target groups of participants, one for each country.

The four distinct target groups are:
Cyprus: Performance / Theatre / Dance / Cultural Activism
Germany: Performance / Social Innovation / Cultural Activism
Greece: Performance / Visual Arts / Applied Arts / Architecture
Jordan: Open-Source Programming / Hacktivism

/ Partners
Cyprus: TheatrEtc.
Germany: Spring Lessons im Aufbau Haus
Greece: DYNAMO
Jordan: Jordan Open Source Association

/ Where to Apply
Applicants from Germany please send your application to: (contact person: Caram Kapp) Spring Lessons Im Aufbau Haus
Prinzenstr. 85D // 10969 Berlin